Westland Gallery: 2017 Square Foot Show, July 12-August 11.

Below are three recent paintings, all 12″ x 12″, destined for the Westland Gallery in London Ontario and its 2017 Square Foot Show.  The show runs from July 12 to August 11.

I have never painted in this format before and it was a challenge finding subjects that appear well in a square. Compositions with one main object seem to work best (rose, seagull) whereas landscape that are intended to lead an eye to a destination are not as effective.  There just isn’t much room to lead the eye.

Here are some specific notes on my three paintings:

1. “Red Baron”, oil on panel. For this painting, I drew the rose and leaves in dry brush, and then I created a grisaille version in neutral greys to figure out the range of values I needed within the petals themselves.  Painting the colour on top was then quite easy.

2. “Seagull”, oil on panel. This subject was perfect for a square foot painting. The light passing through the wings was the primary attraction for me.

3. “Blue Country Road”, oil on linen. I was drawn to this scene by the reflections of the sun on the small lines of ice on the road.