See the World, 32″ x 24″, oil on linen

This fall, I finally completed a figure painting that I began the year before. It’s the first one I’ve completed that includes a still life object and a landscape as well.  I was inspired by a variety of old master portraits of young gentlemen posed with an air of mystery and perhaps even mischief.

Below is a photograph of the finished painting sitting in a frame, although this work has yet to be varnished.  I set the painting outdoors for the photo, hoping to capture the colours in daylight. Unfortunately, the skin tones are coming across as too red, regardless of which device it’s viewed on…

Shortly after I set my brushes down, I created a short video using my iPad. My objective was to showcase a new piece of work and tell the viewer the story behind it, the sources of inspiration and some of the techniques used. Making it was fun!

See the World

Below is the link to the short video I created for this painting and posted on my YouTube channel.