Resources I Recommend

Welcome to the Resources page. This page is a work in progress. Over time, I’ll be updating this page frequently with new links to online resources, materials, and suppliers that I recommend.

Click on a heading below to see the list of resources I’ve added to it.

Suppliers I Use

  • Rosemary’s Brushes — These are superb brushes. I’ve ordered them while in the US and they arrived quickly within a few days.
  • New Traditions Art Panels
  • Rublev paints
  • Above Ground
  • Articulations — This wonderful boutique store in Toronto carries some of my favourite supplies: Rublev paints and Rosemary brushes. Recently, I’ve begun asking them to prepare panels for me with L600 linen or Claessen’s linen on dibond panels.

Arts That Inspire Me

  • The Art Renewal Center — an online museum and encyclopaedia of history’s greatest painters, as well as living masters.

Societies and Guilds I Admire

  • Get Real Artists — This is a small group of like-minded artists in Ontario Canada founded in 2015. We are all graduates of Toronto’s Academy of Realist Art. I’m one of the original members. We paint and exhibit together. Check us out!
  • Portrait Society of America

Technical Posts

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