First Four Figures Completed — March 28, 2017.

This post is an update to my posting last month on my “Vermeer” Figure Series.
I’ve now finished the fourth in the series and will be exhibiting them for the first time in two weeks at the Arts in the Credit show in Port Credit, Ontario.  I am one of 42 local Canadian artists exhibiting new work at this art fair April 7-9.

All four of these new figure paintings are 16″ x 12″, oil on panel. I’m looking forward to varnishing them later and placing them in good Fotiou frames.

I’ve set up a small gallery below to showcase the finished pieces: “Reader”, “Egg”, “Scroll”, and “Message”.  The final photo shows me posing next to “Message” yesterday to help convey its size.

I will be continuing the series later this spring.  As I remarked in my previous post, all of these compositions remind me of what Vermeer achieved in his most famous works:  a quiet private atmosphere with a sense of mystery and intrigue.  I hope I’ve achieved that too.