I am a traditional oil painter with a passion for portraiture, figures, landscapes, and still lifes. Inspired by the Old Masters, my paintings tend to depict quiet, private places with an air of mystery and intrigue.

I paint in the style of classical realism, a form of representational art that exhibits a preference for order, beauty, harmony and completeness, and the representation of nature based on direct observation using traditional methods.

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The Copper Challenge

This autumn, I wanted to see how painting directly on a 10" x 8" copper panel compares to painting on linen glued to an aluminum panel -- my normal support for oil painting. Copper has a long history and solid reputation among traditional painters. I want to see if it will make bright objects like brass and lemon glow. So begins the Copper Challenge. In this post, I describe my setup and approach to both my "control" panel on linen and my copper panel.