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I am a traditional oil painter with a passion for portraiture, figures, and landscapes. Inspired by the Old Masters, my paintings tend to depict quiet, private places with an air of mystery and intrigue.

I paint in the style of classical realism, a form of representational art that exhibits a preference for order, beauty, harmony and completeness, and the representation of nature based on direct observation using traditional methods.

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Mars Resting

Mars Resting

I'm working on another challenging figure study, this one by Diego Velázquez: "Mars Resting", 1640, oil on canvas, located in the Museo del Prado, Madrid. What I'm aiming to do in my 20" x 16" version is to restore the painting to its original colours using pigments from the era (like lapis lazuli for ultramarine blue). The colours have faded dramatically. Sections of the red cloth in the light, for example, are now a pale, pink haze. There is a special glazing technique I'm applying to bring the reds back to their brilliance.